The Identity Project

A partnership between Teaching Artist Amanda Cantrell Roche, TPAC Education, with invited Nashville-based organizations and community leaders.

The Identity Project is a reflective, deep listening, interactive experience that brings people of diverse backgrounds together to consider and express personal identity. Participants consider how many factors help shape our identity, and how these factors can also be a means of constructing a sense of “otherness”. The Identity Project takes the first steps in relationship building needed for bridging cultural and social divides; seeing each other as unique human beings, and recognizing we live in an inequitable society.


“I am … You are … We can …”


Individual Organization Intro Workshops


Each of five invited groups will receive a 90-minute workshop for 5-10 participants from their organization. These workshops are free and scheduled at the organization’s chosen time and place. We will use group and partner discussion, dialogue, and activities to reflect on how we build our identities,  create “I am …” statements, and participate in a reflective affirmation exercise.

Community Activity, evening, November 19, 2018 


All participants from the individual workshops come together at War Memorial Auditorium. We will repeat some of the identity, “I am …” and reflective affirmation activities with the whole group, participate in a Privilege Line activity and discussion led by Tasha Fletcher, and consider what connects us as a community.

Relationship Building Social Network


An online community will be created and facilitated for six months following the community event, allowing participants to engage in ongoing discussions, promote their events, and continue to build relationships with individuals and the represented organizations. There will also be an opportunity to engage one-on-one with a pen pal.    

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