Workshops and Classes

Friday Night Frolics I’m offering movement workshops at Art & Soul, designed for adults without formal dance training, but open to trained dancers as well. Friday Night Frolics are a playful way to unwind as the weekend begins.Do you yearn to unwind and move in a community of playful adults? Friday Night Frolics …

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Restorative Justice Arts Residencies

With teaching artist partner Jon Royal, I’ve conducted three Restorative Justice Arts Residencies in partnership with Davidson County Juvenile Gang Court, Metro Arts, and TPAC Education migros disney figuren herunterladen. These are nine week programs that dive deep into identity and creating a work of art — usually visual. We …

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Individual Somatic Sessions

Recently, a participant in an integrative health workshop asked me to work with her one-on-one regarding total body connection and self-healing herunterladen. During these six, one-hour sessions I realized how much I loved focusing on one person’s specific needs, and that, although I hold no certification in therapeutic or somatic …

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Global Nashville: Building Bridges of Compassion

Braid will be performed Friday, September 7th, 2018, as part of Tennessee Women’s Theatre Project’s “Women’s Works” Festival. Looby Theater, 7:30 p.m. You can support dancer and choreographer stipends by making a tax-deductible donation at the link below. We hope to see you at the performance!          …

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Social Justice Dance: “Yearning to Breathe Free” and “Divine Sparks”

Photo by Martin O'ConnorPhoto by Martin O’Connor

Here is a video sample of social justice choreography, teaching artist residency, and film projects, and below are two of my previous social justice works:

Amanda Cantrell Roche work samples from Amanda Cantrell Roche on Vimeo.

“Yearning to Breathe Free” features the voices of Julie from Colombia, Elizabeth from Burma, and Kasar from Kurdistan, who now call Nashville home herunterladen.

Combining audio excerpts of interviews with music and contemporary choreography, this piece gives a window into immigrants’ lives before and after they make a new home in Nashville. It also urges a constructive dialogue on immigration and reminds us of the words engraved on our Statue of Liberty:  “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.”

“Yearning to Breathe Free” premiered at Blue Moves’ “Blue O2” show as part of Nashville’s SIDESHOW Fringe Festival in August, 2013 pdf to word free download german. It was part of the Picnic in the Park Series Thursday, October 24th, along with excerpts of “Voices of Nashville”, Tennessee Women’s Theater Project’s new play sharing the stories of immigrants in our community. Thanks to Metro Arts Commission and ArtOber for making this performance possible. This piece was also part of  Global Education Center‘s Global Bash in February and on the Vanderbilt Dance Program’s Spring Concert in April 2014 maleficent 2.

Excerpts were performed at the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in June 2015, opening the plenary session “The Power of Arts in Transforming Communities.” You can watch that performance here.

Responses from audience members:

“I took the time to go see this dance and it was amazingly beautiful…. tears came to my eyes as I was challenged to see and hear of experiences that have never been a part of my reality… herunterladen um. such a worthy endeavor.” — Kathy Plourde

“Story told through the ARTS builds bridges and connects us like nothing else! As part of Picnic in the Park I just saw “Yearning to Breathe Free” and excerpts of “Voices of Nashville” at the library. I wish all especially those who are prejudiced, rigid and afraid could hear the immigrant stories collected and incorporated into these two pieces. Thank you Amanda Cantrell Roche and Blue Moves dance group and Sara Sharpe and Christine Mather and TN Women’s Theater Project!” – Dawn Kirk


Lucent Vignette Photography

Lucent Vignette Photography

“Divine Sparks” premiered October 25, 2014 as part of Blue Moves’ “Burning Blue” at Cumberland Park, Nashville herunterladen. It was also performed for an integrated audience of general public and the homeless at Room in the Inn, in conjunction with Poverty & the Arts, February 2015.

Featuring the words of Lindsey Krinks of Open Table Nashville, Tamara Ambar of Nashville Conflict Resolution Center, Ngawang Losel of One Human Race 4 Justice and Sara Sharpe of Festive Evolution, this dance recognizes the fire of activism and the divine spark that exists within us all to work towards making our communities and our world a more just and better place paladin.

You can watch excerpts of “Divine Sparks” here.

Responses from audience members:

‘Divine Sparks’ deeply impressed, inspired, and touched me. Amanda Cantrell Roche truly has a gift for creating work of that nature that maintains the difficult balance between subtly and directness, invoking real emotions and encouraging action, rather than bringing guilt for inaction.” – Rebekah Hampton Barger

“Deeply satisfying art meditation on the ‘divine spark’ in us all, shared among us, individual to us reservekopie downloaden icloud. Beautiful choreography and execution. I wish everyone I know could have been there – talk about enLIGHTenment!!!!” – Carol Ponder (this was in response to both “Divine Sparks” and also the entire show, “Burning Blue”)


In March and August of 2016, Blue Moves presented “Illuminated Beings” at Barking Legs Theater in Chattanooga, and at the Nashville Fringe Festival.  Both featured the social justice dances “Divine Sparks” and “Freedom from Fear”, a tribute to Burmease pro-democracy hero Aung San Suu Kyi herunterladen iphone bilder.

Illuminated Beings Fringe promo from Amanda Cantrell Roche on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 4th and Saturday, August 6th, SIDESHOW Fringe Festival presented Blue Moves’ “Illuminated Beings” — social justice dance, film and spoken word — at Belmont’s Black Box Theater spider herunterladen. The show featured two dances and a short film by Blue Moves, as well as a dance and spoken word piece by Ann Law of Barking Legs Theater in Chattanooga, and a spoken word poem by Nashville’s Joseph Powell.

Blue Moves is a democratically-run contemporary dance company which has been creating theme-based performances for nearly three decades. Most shows feature several choreographers creating works inspired by a common theme such as fire (Burning Blue) or earth (Blue Terra) adventskalender to for free. However, the Blue Moves works on “Illuminated Beings” are all by social justice choreographer and company co-founder, Amanda Cantrell Roche.

Nashville Scene article by Stephen Trageser.



Activism for Turkey

This short film features the stories of five Turkish men and women who fled their homeland and now call Nashville home:  Between Two Worlds: Voices of Turkish Dissidents Turkey has held a special place in my heart since I travelled there as a guest on a Culture and Dialogue Turkey …

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Film Projects

After decades as choreography and writing as my primary forms of creative expression, in recent years I’ve been drawn to exploring film herunterladen. “Towards Ayasofya’s Wisdom” is a short film about Turkey, Islam and the Gulen Movement inspired by my trip as a guest of The Atlantic Institute’s Culture and Dialogue …

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Community Building Arts Residencies for Schools

Through TPAC Education’s semester-long Disney Musicals in the Schools residences, particularly when paired with their ArtSmart Residencies at the same school, I have witnessed the value of long-term relationships between a teaching artist and a school. I am passionate about developing year-long relationships with one or two schools or school clusters …

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The Identity Project

A partnership between Teaching Artist Amanda Cantrell Roche, TPAC Education, with invited Nashville-based organizations and community leaders kostenlose 3ds spiele herunterladen. The Identity Project is a reflective, deep listening, interactive experience that brings people of diverse backgrounds together to consider and express personal identity facebook erweitertes archiv herunterladen. Participants consider how …

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