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In November 2016, I took a break from offering public workshops. I will continue to offer individual somatic healing sessions and workshops for organizations or private groups upon request. In summer of 2018 I began to offer workshops at Art & Soul again, and will be co-facilitating other workshops, such as Move To Paint in late September.

Any of my workshops can be privately booked for a group of four or more, starting at $250 if you provide the space. Message me for details: See class listings below this video.

Here are some workshop options. Most of these are 2 to 2.5 hours:

radianceComing Into Your Radiance


We all have a light – an inner radiance – that is connected to our Source and fueled by what we most deeply love. Often this illumination is dimmed by the daily grind, life’s challenges, or neglect. Take this time to reconnect to Source, uncover your inner radiance, and create a space within for it to shine outward. Through writing, movement, and reflective play, both individually and communally, we will tap into our divine light and recognize it in others. This workshop will include gentle, physical contact with others in the group.

“The world is not whole without each of us awakening the divine spark that we are.” ~ Jenn Couture


Shifting Sands, Divining Balance


Being aware of and attentive to our center is vital in life. What keeps you balanced when all else is shifting around you? When do you need to take some risks and push yourself off balance? Through movement, creative writing, and other reflective play we will traverse the terrain of centeredness, grounding, and unexpected trajectories. This journey toward deeper awareness supports the ability to sustain balance in both calm and stormy seas.

“I came to this workshop expecting to learn to deal with the shifting world around me. Silly me, I thought what would happen is that I would learn to reorder the world in a more balanced way. What happened instead was that I learned to shift!” — Tracy



Threshold workshopCrossing the Threshold: Beginning the Hero’s Journey


In the Hero’s Journey, the first threshold separates the ordinary world and the unknown world of risk and adventure. In crossing this threshold, the hero is often confronted by threshold guardians who try to block the passage, and sometimes an ally or mentor offers help. These archetypes and stages in the journey most notably defined by Joseph Campbell are far more than fairy tale myths; they have direct correlation to people and events in our lives.

Through group and private reflection, free writing and movement, we will consider thresholds we have and will cross in our lives, and will divine a path to crossing a significant threshold which leads us into an intrepid new world. No dance or writing experience necessary.

“What a profound and soulful workshop. I am still floating. I remembered, tonight, how important it is to take time out of this busy (and sometimes heavy) life in order to dig deep, reconnect with self, and to connect, also, with brave and generous fellow travelers. I feel a shift, and I was desperate for one.” ~ Sara Sharpe


Leading and Letting Go:  Exploring Active and Passive Pathsleading and letting go


There are times when we need to take direct action and responsibility, and times when we must learn to let go and follow a path that opens before us. In this active, playful workshop you will work with a partner to explore weight bearing and weight sharing, leading and following, and individually consider the metaphors for your life and relationships through writing and reflection. No dance experience required, but ability to get up and down from the floor and bear some weight needed. Physical contact with a partner is integral to this workshop, but no need to bring a partner.

“I was surprised at how profoundly I was affected by the time I spent moving around with (my partner). To be held closely and supported gently but firmly was a huge healing for me.” — Sally



In Words and Body:  Articulating Your Vision


In the work of daily living, there are times when we lose sight of our dreams and aspirations. Articulating those dreams and pathways to attain them can help us find the motivation to forge ahead and speak our vision into existence. Through a journey to find inspiration and insight in the words of others, as well as exploring the active meditation of dance, we will tap into both intellectual and innate body wisdom to discover and define our vision for our future. You will leave with both enduring written prose, and the ephemeral but no less potent experience of painting your pathway toward attaining your dreams through the medium of body and space. No dance or writing experience necessary

“The experience definitely blew on the coals of my heart and gave fresh definition to my hopes and dreams.” — Maria, 


Other workshops include “Boundaries”, “Filling the Cup”, and “Body Wisdom:  Listening to your Inner Ally” co-facilitated with Yoga instructor Kristen Hubbard.


These integrative, experiential workshops utilize creative process and exploration in movement and writing to discover personal truths. To book a workshop or discuss a custom-designed theme for your organization, please contact Amanda at


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