Two-hour to full-day workshops which integrate mind, body and spirit through creative process, reflection, writing and movement can be designed for your organization or group of friends as a public or private offering. I am also available to integrate workshops into yoga or other spiritual or therapeutic retreats. Movement, creative writing and visual play is a powerful combination for actively reflecting upon, uncovering and embodying personal truths, and creating a vision and path to move forward. Participants are gently guided through a process of reflection, sharing, journaling and movement exploration in these workshops. Topics may include balance and centering, boundaries, re-igniting creative and professional drive, or one which we collaboratively design to fit your organization’s needs. Prices for small groups in your home or open space start at $125. Contact me for details:

I have offered workshops at The Estuary, Gilda’s Club Nashville, Onsite and abrasiveMedia,  and am a regular teacher at Art & Soul Studio. Click here for upcoming workshops.

What participants have said about workshops and class series:

“What a profound and soulful workshop. I am still floating… I remembered, tonight, how important it is to take time out of this busy (and sometimes heavy) life in order to dig deep, reconnect with self, and to connect, also, with brave and generous fellow travelers. I feel a shift, and I was desperate for one.” ~ Sara Sharpe, “Crossing the Threshold: Beginning the Hero’s Journey”.


“I came to this workshop expecting to learn to deal with the shifting world around me. Silly me, I thought what would happen is that I would learn to reorder the world in a more balanced way. What happened instead was that I learned to shift!” — Tracy, “Shifting Sands, Divining Balance”. 


“I was surprised at how profoundly I was affected by the time I spent moving around with (my partner). To be held closely and supported gently but firmly was a huge healing for me.” — Sally, “Leading and Letting Go”. 


“This was a thought-provoking workshop.  Thanks for offering it and for leading us through it so beautifully.” — Janis, “Boundaries”.


 “I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the class.  I took it because I was heading for a major life change and this was the impetus for me to head in another direction. ”  — Gail, “The Hero’s Journey” co-taught with F. Lynne Bachleda.


“The experience definitely blew on the coals of my heart and gave fresh definition to my hopes and dreams.” — Maria, “In Words and Body:  Articulating Your Vision”.


“In a world where it can be all too easy to get swept away by the current of the racing mind, it’s so important for me to find moments that allow me to consciously reconnect and chill with inner zach, my ally, my guide, my true self.  This workshop was an outlet for me to nurture and embrace that relationship and it reminded me just how vital coming ‘home’ to that calm and supportive place is.” — Zach, “Body Wisdom:  Listening to Your Inner Ally” co-taught with Kristen Hubbard