Through TPAC Education’s semester-long Disney Musicals in the Schools residences, particularly when paired with their ArtSmart Residencies at the same school, I have witnessed the value of long-term relationships between a teaching artist and a school. I am passionate about developing year-long relationships with one or two schools or school clusters in Davidson or nearby counties. Working in tandem with administration and faculty, I can design arts integrated experiences to help strengthen your school community and focus on a particular character or theme for the year. This would be a collaboratively envisioned residency and could involve one visit per classroom per month for the school year, or be more intensively scheduled at a particular time. Please contact me if you would like to start a conversation about how an arts integrative residency can help you enhance your school culture. A study has found out that of all the families with autistic children they examined, 67% had dogs, and 94% of parents reported their children forming a special bond with their animal friend. Thanks to that, children had an opportunity to learn about responsibility and companionship, you can get more info in