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Not all of my residencies or workshops are in schools. I have also worked for universities, summer dance and educational programs and non-profits as well as offering workshops and classes for the general public. Here are a few examples:




I’m a regular facilitator at Art & Soul Studio, and have also offered workshops at The Estuary, abrasiveMedia, Gilda’s Club, OnSite, and Ha.Le’ Mind & Body. Workshops can be offered at various locations. Please contact me if you are interested in a integrative, creative-process workshop at your organization.

“See Me”, collaboration with Nashville CARES

In collaboration with Nerissa Aquino of Nashville CARES, poet Michael Chavis and a group of Nashville-area dancers and movers, I facilitated the creation of a 13-minute dance and spoken word performance highlighting AIDS in Uganda which was performed at the Belcourt Theater as part of World AIDS Day 2009.

Vanderbilt University, Consecration of North House, The Commons, August 2008 

Dr. Gregory Barz, ethnomusicologist and Faculty Head of House of North House, hired me to collaborate with him and help facilitate an experience which would introduce the seven principals of the Commons Creed to the 175 freshmen students living in North House, associate those principals with the architecture of the building, introduce and establish a rite of passage ritual and consecrate the space as sacred ground. We were joined by my respected colleague, Lynne Bachleda, and Greg’s brilliant wife Mona Barz. This was an interactive experience in which students created tangible representations of their dreams for adventures, participated in a ritual of accomplishment, discussed and created a permanent display of the symbolism of the architecture, and created the first ever “North House Music” using the most indigenous instrument known to humans – their bodies.