Centering and Connection
Recently, a participant in an integrative health workshop asked me to work with her one-on-one regarding total body connection and self-healing. During these six, one-hour sessions I realized how much I loved focusing on one person’s specific needs, and that, although I hold no certification in therapeutic or somatic work, my background in dance and mind/body integration provided a wealth of information on which to draw. Exploration of breath, head/tail and core/distal patterns, weight sharing, guided and improvisational movement can promote emotional health and healing.

In a private session we can work on deepening body awareness, centering, warming and freeing areas of the body that may have been frozen due to trauma, and more, depending on your needs. While I am just beginning to explore this type of practice and gaining more experience and training, I am offering private sessions at a below-market cost at a Northeast Nashville location. If you have access to a room with open space, I can also come to your home or office.

“I was blessed to receive this work recently with Amanda and I can highly recommend it and her to you. We non-dancers can get way out of touch with our bodies and this work reconnects us and also has a calming and centering effect on the brain.”  — LJ Ratliff, LCSW


“Amanda is a truly gifted and sensitive person whom I sought for help to connect with my body and learn how to ‘be in my skin.’ She proved herself to be a gentle, informative guide who deepened my understanding of the mind/body connection, helped me to be ‘friends’ with my body, and taught me exercises that will help me transition from an antagonistic relationship with my body to a friendship with it. Amanda created a safe space for me to explore body movement without feeling judged. Our work together has been a treasured, invaluable component of my own healing, physical and emotional. I have been so blessed by the crossing of our paths!” — Gwen

60 minutes $40

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